Thursday, 30 June 2011

Me And My Drab Dress

I'm officially unemployed! Terrible and amazing at the same time, don't get me wrong the idea of not having money rolling into my bank account terrifies me, and i'm gonna have to watch my spending super bad. But on the other hand, I get to have days like today where I stroll out of bed at 10 oclock, hair, makeup, outfit and then go for a catch up and coffee in town with the bezzie Lexy. Fun times right, thats what i'm off to do in roughly 10 minutes! Although I can't decide to keep my hair in the top know or let it down and have it all messy. Decisions Decisions. 

I am very proud to say i've also gone down a dress size, i'm not going to lie, I put on a little weight whilst at university, so when I came home for summer I was feeling really heavy in myself and I wasn't happy at all, that was one of the reasons why I thought fresh start, new blog, blonder hair and l told myself that I would loose some weight! And I have, i'm not gonna stop here though, now that my multiple illnesses are starting to calm down, i've just got an exercise bike so i'm gonna start on that daily too. See how it all goes, so wish me luck :P
and if i mention chocolate or anything, please shout at me!
Thankyou lovely's!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Put Those Georgia Stars To Shame

I've been a right busy little bee over these past few days! Literally I did my last day of volunteer work on Friday and then went to the pub with about 30 of my "boy friends" bizarrely enough, as a girl who's into all her shopping and fashion I really am more of a lads girl, I always find girls really bitchy and hard to approach most of the time, so yeah i'm just one of the lads :P 
Went out last night with all the boys as well, In our lovely hometown of manchester, it was actually an amazing night, although I did drink far too much and ended up having to look after my friend lewis because he was such as mess.
Drama obviously broke out when one of the lads girlfriends turned up though, see, us girls just cause problems. If any one watches Made In Chelsea, it was definitely a Caggie, Spencer and Funda situation! Guess who I was ...... Caggie of course!
Drama Drama Drama! 

Thursday, 23 June 2011


I'm a little bit of a photo junky. I could spend hours browsing google images and different blogs just to find the amazing and inspiration images that are around.
Just wanted to share some of them with you.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Disaronno and Coke Please

Okie dokie, well just to start off this outfit is not, I repeat not what I am wearing at the moment, but it is what I wore last night, so I snapped this little shot so that I could share it with all you lovely's today. Last night was one of those seriously random spontaneous nights when you plan to do nothing and suddenly your rolling through your front door at like 3 in the morning, literally at like 9 oclock last night I was sat in my pj's with my hair scraped up into a top knot when my friend Jordan text me asking me to go round to our friends Davids for drinks and a catch up. 
This outfit was what I whipped up in the 20 minutes he gave me to meet him. How did I do? 

I'm not even gonna lie, when it comes to drinking I am a lightweight, i'm not a big drinker anyway, so whenever I do drink it doesn't take long for me to get rather merry lets say, and after five strong disaronno's and coke I was ever so slightly more than merry. 
Ahhhh what it is to be a student ! 

Today is officially going to be a lazy one, I would take an outfit post but i'm currently sat in leggings and a baggy vest top so ..... I very much doubt its blog worthy !
Have a lovely day, i'm off to catch up with last nights made in chelsea and get myself an extremely strong coffee !

Monday, 20 June 2011

Under Lock and Key

First outfit post of the blog! Exciting times right, in fact this is the first outfit post i've done in ages, proof that I'm slowly but surely cheering up! For those of you who haven't read any of my previous blog then you won't know why i've been so down lately, in the briefest of descriptions i've recently been super ill, on all kinds of tablets and as well as this me and my long term boyfriend have just broken up, but thats all I'm going to say on that. 
Moving on to bigger and better things. 

So what have I been up to lately, after almost a month of wallowing and doing nothing I have finally got up off my bottom and started working and blogging. I've been doing some summer work as an invigilator in a local high school and this week i've started doing some voluntary work for the charity tour aid, ten twelve year old boys have been flown over from south africa and it's my job to look after them, they are oh so cute, today we made clay pots! Messy work, but I actually had a really good time. Their here for the rest of the week and go home on sunday. 
Now I'm sat in my room playing on my blackberry, taking photos and listening to Vanessa Carlton. Just had a yummy slice of coffee cake as well, my addiction!

Oh Yeah ... I've gone blonder, look!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Welcome To The Game!

Hi everyone! Well I guess I should start with the simplest of details first, my names Becci, or Rebecca, but no one really calls me that, I'm 19 years old  and I live in England, which I hope is something that will change when i'm older.
I'm currently living the life of a typical student, enjoying my independence and loving what I'm doing, which is studying Drama in the little town of Lincoln. I was born in Manchester and lived there all my life so it feels so good to move away and experience somewhere new. I've lived in Lincoln for near enough a year now, but don't get me wrong I do love returning to the big city for holidays. 
My two passions are drama and fashion! Still can't quite decide what career root to go down though, i've always been super indecisive. I like to mix and match bits of both into my life! Other than that I'm really just a down to earth girl that loves to make people happy and enjoy life, I have some seriously random obsessions like Robson Green Extreme Fishing and tuna spaghetti. I love big hair, liquid eyeliner, made in chelsea, accessories, caramac (my teddy), my camera, movies, tattoos, girly nights, cocktails, glee, dancing, shakespeare, harry potter, cute texts ... the usual jibber jabber !
I'm not going to lie, this isn't my first blog, I previously wrote my blog called Faint Hearted Sparrow, and I was so proud of it, but recent changes have happened in my life, some not quite for the best, and I think that my blog suffered because of this, I kinda just became uninspired by it, and felt that it was about time for a fresh start. 
I'll warn you now, this isn't going to be one of those know it all, preachy, wear this wear that fashion blogs, I'm not into that at all. I have my own style and my own inspirations and I don't expect everyone to like what I write or what I do but hey if everyone agreed then wouldn't the world be a bloody boring place. I'm just gonna post things that I love and that make me smile, hopefully it will do the same for you!

So follow me on either bloglovin or using google friend connect at the bottom of my blog.
Much love Becci.

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