Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Disaronno and Coke Please

Okie dokie, well just to start off this outfit is not, I repeat not what I am wearing at the moment, but it is what I wore last night, so I snapped this little shot so that I could share it with all you lovely's today. Last night was one of those seriously random spontaneous nights when you plan to do nothing and suddenly your rolling through your front door at like 3 in the morning, literally at like 9 oclock last night I was sat in my pj's with my hair scraped up into a top knot when my friend Jordan text me asking me to go round to our friends Davids for drinks and a catch up. 
This outfit was what I whipped up in the 20 minutes he gave me to meet him. How did I do? 

I'm not even gonna lie, when it comes to drinking I am a lightweight, i'm not a big drinker anyway, so whenever I do drink it doesn't take long for me to get rather merry lets say, and after five strong disaronno's and coke I was ever so slightly more than merry. 
Ahhhh what it is to be a student ! 

Today is officially going to be a lazy one, I would take an outfit post but i'm currently sat in leggings and a baggy vest top so ..... I very much doubt its blog worthy !
Have a lovely day, i'm off to catch up with last nights made in chelsea and get myself an extremely strong coffee !

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