Sunday, 26 June 2011

Put Those Georgia Stars To Shame

I've been a right busy little bee over these past few days! Literally I did my last day of volunteer work on Friday and then went to the pub with about 30 of my "boy friends" bizarrely enough, as a girl who's into all her shopping and fashion I really am more of a lads girl, I always find girls really bitchy and hard to approach most of the time, so yeah i'm just one of the lads :P 
Went out last night with all the boys as well, In our lovely hometown of manchester, it was actually an amazing night, although I did drink far too much and ended up having to look after my friend lewis because he was such as mess.
Drama obviously broke out when one of the lads girlfriends turned up though, see, us girls just cause problems. If any one watches Made In Chelsea, it was definitely a Caggie, Spencer and Funda situation! Guess who I was ...... Caggie of course!
Drama Drama Drama! 

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