Thursday, 30 June 2011

Me And My Drab Dress

I'm officially unemployed! Terrible and amazing at the same time, don't get me wrong the idea of not having money rolling into my bank account terrifies me, and i'm gonna have to watch my spending super bad. But on the other hand, I get to have days like today where I stroll out of bed at 10 oclock, hair, makeup, outfit and then go for a catch up and coffee in town with the bezzie Lexy. Fun times right, thats what i'm off to do in roughly 10 minutes! Although I can't decide to keep my hair in the top know or let it down and have it all messy. Decisions Decisions. 

I am very proud to say i've also gone down a dress size, i'm not going to lie, I put on a little weight whilst at university, so when I came home for summer I was feeling really heavy in myself and I wasn't happy at all, that was one of the reasons why I thought fresh start, new blog, blonder hair and l told myself that I would loose some weight! And I have, i'm not gonna stop here though, now that my multiple illnesses are starting to calm down, i've just got an exercise bike so i'm gonna start on that daily too. See how it all goes, so wish me luck :P
and if i mention chocolate or anything, please shout at me!
Thankyou lovely's!


  1. well done on the weight loss,although you looked gorge before!love the dress,you look so cute!going a bit blonder always perks me up a bit too! xxx

  2. I've got that too - although it would never ever be a dress on me! It's a top through & through. Couldn't even pass as a very short dress!

    Congratulations on the weight loss - hope you're feeling better in yourself :)