Sunday, 31 July 2011

I've Gone Home.

Ok, so this may be coming slightly out of the blue, but I can't help it, i've thought about it and to me its the right thing to do.
I know i've not been writing this blog for long but I need to go back to writing on my old blog, for me theres just so much history in there, and it was so more personal and me.
I'm sorry, obviously i'm not going anywhere and to all those who followed me to this blog, thankyou so much and I really appreciated it but I think you'll all agree with me that Faint Hearted Sparrow was so much better!

So please, like I said i'm not stopping blogging.
I'm just going back to my roots.
For any new followers please your more than welcome to come over and join the fun!

So for more visit Faint Hearted Sparrow.

Sorry and thank you again!!!!

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Over this past week or so I have been having a serious case of holiday envy! My friend David has been emailing me from Turkey ... Jealous Jealous Jealous, we also have a bet on about who's gonna have a better tan, like I possibly stand a chance, he has Turkish weather and i'm supposed to compete with that, relying on British weather .... Not entirely fair if you ask me.
I'm just far too poor this summer to be able to afford to go on any sort of holiday, I plan to save up for next summer, but that means no clothes shopping and if you know me, you'll know that I will find that quite difficult, i'm gonna do my best though! So yeah, please wish me luck, and if you hear me talking about any shopping trips, you have my full permission to shout your heads of at me!!!
I will appreciate it! 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Make Me Up Makeup

Ok, so I mentioned in my last post that I should do a Makeup post. In no way am I an expert at makeup, but I do think that if someone wants a natural, simplistic and pretty look then I do it quite well. I like to be able to get up in the morning and not have to worry about applying 1001 products using 100 different brushes and so on. A few specific products keeps me happy whilst still leaving room for variety and experimentation.
In the photo above these are the products that I use on most days. I'll list them for you....

1. Clinique Moisture Surge - Tinted Moisturiser
2. Urban Decay Naked Palette - Eyeshadow
3. Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat
4. Maxfactor Xperience - Volumising Mascara
5.Clinique Lash Power Mascara 
6. Collection 2000 - Concealer
7. Collection 2000 - Bronzer
8 . Maybelline New York - Lasting Drama Gel Liner 

So yep there it is! Thats what I use on a day to day basis, I don't always wear the Maybelline Gel Liner, I tend to either wear that or the Naked Palette. On that note, may I also add that the Urban Decay Naked Palette is one of the best things i've ever bought, in my opinion it's alot better than MAC in terms of expenditure and having everything there for you in one nice pretty package! I would hugely recommend it.

Anyway I hope that's been quite a useful little post for any of you who were interested in what makeup products I use! I've put a photo of the Naked Palette shades underneath for those of you who wanted to see it in more detail!

Nerd In The Making

Oh my goodness, may I draw attention to the fact that I have uploaded photos to my blog in which I am hardly wearing any makeup, concealer and mascara and that was all the effort I could put into my face today!
I'm one of those girls who absolutely loves makeup, I adore trying new things with it and exploring different brands, however I am not one of those girls that gets up ridiculously early every morning to put on a million and one products! I probably spend about 10 minutes on my makeup for an average morning. I'll have to do a makeup post this week, show you what products I use, it's not anything exciting like I say i'm quite simple when it comes to my makeup nothing too fancy.
I would say I have two key makeup looks, one is a simple base with liquid eyeliner and mascara. The other a simple base with the Urban Decay Naked Palette and mascara. Like I said, simple! I tend to vary between the two, see what I feel like on the day. 

I have such an obsession with nerdy glasses, on girls, on boys, I love them. In fact I must say i'm a little bit of a fan of the whole geek chic, preppy look! I don't know why, I just think it's super cute!
I guess it's probably because I'm a little bit of an inner nerd myself. 

Monday, 18 July 2011


Well I'm currently in the lovely city of Lincoln.
I'm not gonna lie, not really been doing anything interesting, mainly just relaxing and lazing about, went out for lunch at my university tower bar yesterday which was nice. I had a hickory burger, chargrilled chicken fillet, with bacon. Lovely.

I'm not sure when I'll be going home, I really need to sort some bank stuff out for my accommodation payments for my new flat, so that's something exciting that I have to go home and do.
Hope everyones having a lovely week.
Anyone got any plans for summer ?

Friday, 15 July 2011

Kids Of The 90's

Awwwww, Harry Potter is over! This has to be one of the saddest occasions of my life, I wanted to burst out crying after the film finished today, I feel like my childhood is ending with the last film, seriously I was 9 when my lovely daddy took me to the cinema to see the first one and I have been hooked ever since. And now it's over. Over our 10 years together I have fallen deeply and madly in love with Ron Weasley, watched Emma Watson enviously, laughed at Harry's bad hair do's, attempted all the spells cast through the films (none worked although magic is real) and many many other things.
End of an era, what can I say.

I'm running away to lincoln tomorrow, I think i've packed everything but god knows, i'm so forgettful!
Wish me luck on finding my right trains tomorrow! 

Thursday, 14 July 2011

It's All About The Ron

I'm currently packing for a spontaneous visit to my home from home town of Lincoln. My friend Aidan casually offered to pay for my train ticket as apparently he is in insanely in need of my company and he knows how poor I am. I'm not complaining at all to be honest, I never like being tied down to one place, so the opportunity for a week away is quite nice.

Going to see Harry Potter tomorrow !!!!
I'm telling you, it's quite sad how excited I am about this, I've been a Potter geek since it first came out, i've read all the books, own all the films and have seen them about a million times, definitely the most nerdy quality about me. But hey i've grown up on it, and love it so so much.
I also have a guilty and serious crush on Ron Weasley/ Rupert Grint.
If you ever read this Rupert ... I love you.