Thursday, 14 July 2011

It's All About The Ron

I'm currently packing for a spontaneous visit to my home from home town of Lincoln. My friend Aidan casually offered to pay for my train ticket as apparently he is in insanely in need of my company and he knows how poor I am. I'm not complaining at all to be honest, I never like being tied down to one place, so the opportunity for a week away is quite nice.

Going to see Harry Potter tomorrow !!!!
I'm telling you, it's quite sad how excited I am about this, I've been a Potter geek since it first came out, i've read all the books, own all the films and have seen them about a million times, definitely the most nerdy quality about me. But hey i've grown up on it, and love it so so much.
I also have a guilty and serious crush on Ron Weasley/ Rupert Grint.
If you ever read this Rupert ... I love you.

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